Welcome to EMS Labor Alliance

The Emergency Medical Services Labor Alliance was established over twenty-five years ago as an information sharing network of organized EMS providers across the country. Founding organizations include Detroit EMS, Boston EMS, Cleveland EMS, FDNY-EMS, New Castle County EMS, and Pittsburgh EMS. At the Spring 2009 EMSLA Conference, the Board of Directors unanimously voted to amend the by-laws and allow both private and municipal union EMS workers to join EMSLA.

EMSLA is able to effectively increase communication between stand alone municipal and private EMS groups globally, to enhance collaborative efforts among these groups, support legislation critical to the needs of Emergency Medical Services, and protect EMT’s and Paramedics around the world.

The founding stand alone EMS Organizations still exist today, inconsistent with the national trend of dual role FF/Medics. These stand alone entities, both municipal and private, provide EMS and Rescue services and are an integral component to the public safety infrastructure in their respective communities.

In 2009, the EMS Labor Alliance Board of Directors voted for a by-law amendment, which would allow both private and municipal union EMS workers to become members of our organization.

EMSLA now has over twenty thousand members and is committed to enhancing the field of EMS workers globally. Our organization allows for the collaboration of global labor trends in EMS, EMS system comparison, deployment strategies, and many other facets of Emergency Medical Services.