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The Emergency Medical Services Labor Alliance was established over twenty-five years ago as an information sharing network of organized EMS providers across the country. Founding organizations include Detroit EMS, Boston EMS, Cleveland EMS, FDNY-EMS, New Castle County EMS, and Pittsburgh EMS. At the Spring 2009 EMSLA Conference, the Board of Directors unanimously voted to amend the by-laws and allow both private and municipal union EMS workers to join EMSLA.

EMSLA is able to effectively increase communication between stand alone municipal and private EMS groups globally, to enhance collaborative efforts among these groups, support legislation critical to the needs of Emergency Medical Services, and protect EMT’s and Paramedics around the world.

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White Paper - EMSLA & IAEMSC release shared vision of EMS future

White Paper:
Consolidated Federal Leadership for Emergency Medical Services


release shared vision of EMS future

VERY exciting news for the National EMS Memorial Foundation!!

VERY exciting news for the National EMS Memorial

Congressman Stephen Lynch introduced a Bill into Congress to establish a permanent EMS Memorial!!

Now please share & contact your congressional representative and ask them to become a co-sponsor.


To help and donate to our cause please visit http://emsmemorialfoundation.org/

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National EMS Memorial Foundation EMS Week

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Join EMS providers along with dignitaries and EMS leaders from across the Nation as we remember those we have lost in the line of Duty.

WHEN: Saturday May 24th. 1:30 - 2:30 pm
WHERE: St. Patrick’s Cathedral 460 Madison Avenue NY, NY.

The plan calls for uniformed attendees to muster outside the Cathedral on the 5th Avenue side at 12:30pm. Honor Guards will muster in a separate location. A uniformed procession will enter the Cathedral led by multiple Honor Guards, Color Guards, Pipes & Drums at 1:30 sharp. They will be shown to their seats by ushers.
Non uniformed attendees may take their seats prior to the uniformed procession.

If you have an Honor Guard or other ceremonial unit and would like to take part in this very special event, please email Tony O’Brien: tony@emsmemorial.com to sign up
DEADLINE for Honor Guard sign up is 5pm Friday May 9th.

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NY METS EMS Night: Mets vs The Arizona Diamondbacks

Fri, May 23 7:10 pm vs The Arizona Diamondbacks

Join the Mets for our 11th Annual EMS Night as they take on the Arizona Diamondbacks!

Show your support for Emergency Medical Service while enjoying a Mets game at Citi Field.

Sit together with fellow EMS members, family and friends in our Big Apple Reserved, Pepsi Porch, or Promenade Reserved seating.

A portion of each ticket sold through this online offer will benefit the National EMS Memorial Fund. Everyone entering the ballpark will receive a t-shirt

Click HERE for more information and to get your tickets

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Zeineh Quits

EMS Warrior for the People:
Wisam Zeineh

Published : Friday, 07 Sept 2012, 3:49 AM EST

By Joe DeMarco
DETROIT - Zeineh Quits.

DETROIT — Decades of greed, graft, corruption, apathy and incompetence have brought the city to where it is today. No one mayor can fix it in ONE term, but he COULD make Major improvements IF he wanted to.

The City’s employees, Paramedix, Firefighters, Cops, Mechanix, electricians, plumbers and everyone else are the only ones who take pride in their work and try against all odds to provide a quality service to the citizens and visitors of the city. They care because they and/or their family and friends are citizens and know that they would like to have quality service delivered to them.

It’s too bad that the people who care the most about the city, the workers who actually have to run the city against all odds and despite the best efforts of elected and appointed officials to destroy it, are also the ones who pay the highest price for their love of the city. They are overworked, underpaid, stressed out, burnt out and are used as scapegoats when city managements incompetence results in high profile bad publicity.

Unless you have worked for the city, you have no idea, can’t even imagine, the miserable horrific crap that employees have to deal with and the way they’re treated every day. When something goes wrong the employees always get blamed, management never takes responsibility for their mistakes, inaction or incompetence.

As a life long Detroiter and former city employee, I too love my city and hope and pray for a day when things get better. Unfortunately the way things are going, the horizon keeps getting darker and darker.
Zeineh did his best and fought the good fight against an ultimate evil machine. He’s lucky to have survived and lasted as long as he has risking his life and career in as high profile way as he has. He did WAY more than anyone would ever think to ask of him, without being asked, because he saw something terribly wrong and thought he could fix it, or die trying. He deserves the city’s equivalent of a congressional medal of honor for his valor in the face of evil and destruction. Oh wait the city doesn’t have anything close to the equivalent of a congressional medal of honor because the city leadership doesn’t have any honor itself. Sad.

Zeineh made major personal sacrifices for this city and his EMS brothers and sisters, sacrifices that cost his home 3 times, and his wife. He should’ve quit a long time ago, but he’s too good for that and never wanted to let evil even think it had a chance to win. In the end he realized, no matter how mightily and valiantly he fought, the corrupt, ultimate evil machine was too great for him to conquer alone and too few fellow soldiers were willing to pick up the sword and fight along side him. To the contrary, some brothers even turned against him in this epic battle of good vs evil and Ultimately, He was overwhelmed.

God speed and best wishes for him in his new life outside of city employment.

Please Click to read the read more about this milestone event and watch the video.

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Detroit 911: Don’t Call Us


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Anarchy Detroit


Published : Friday, 02 Mar 2012, 5:39 PM EST

DETROIT - It’s anarchy.

Here are the major stories out of Detroit just this week.

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